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Client Spotlight: The Burroughs

The Burroughs - 2019 Press Photo 1.jpg

Steeped in classic soul standards and outfitted with modern flair, The Burroughs are a nine piece band with a powerhouse sound that has been electrifying audiences across Colorado and beyond. Since 2013, the band has lit up stages with their trademark brand of “Sweaty Soul Music,” quickly earning their rightful place as one of the best live bands in the region.

No newcomer to uplifting spirits, Johnny Burroughs works as a licensed minister and music pastor. His church upbringing serves him well on stage, where the red-headed frontman sings, dances, and screams audiences into a revival-like frenzy. His dynamite backing band includes a sizzling 4 piece horn section and tight 4 piece rhythm section that are as versatile as they are fun to watch. The band’s live performances are capped by choreographed dancing, soaring solos, and funky grooves, with the goal of moving the audience to a joyful celebration by each show’s closing tune.

In July of 2019, The Burroughs released a pair of singles, "The Slip" and "Forever In Love," with Denver-based label and artist collective Color Red. 303 Magazine called the release "a funk-focused, witty complimentary pair of tracks that are like nothing you’ve ever heard in decades." The new music marks a season of growth for the band, as they continue a trajectory towards bigger stages and audiences. The band has performed at festivals and venues including Salmonfest Alaska, Bohemian Nights New West Fest, Denver's Underground Music Showcase, and the Mishawaka. They have opened for acts including The Motet, The Steve Miller Band, Keller Williams, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and The Main Squeeze.

Don’t forget to catch some live Sweaty Soul Music all over Colorado this month!

Check out their website for show dates and tickets!

Dave Ratner