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The Copyright Office Speaks: The Office’s Modernization Efforts and the Music Modernization Act.
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The Colorado Bar Association presents: The Copyright Office Speaks: The Office’s Modernization Efforts and the Music Modernization Act.

The Copyright Office is in the middle of fundamentally changing how it does business to meet the modern needs of its customers and users. It is reconsidering how it functions, how it is organized, and how to adapt new technologies to its users’ needs.  At the same time, Congress is in the middle of its own modernization efforts and is considering major changes to the music laws with the proposed Music Modernization Act. Copyright Office Attorney-Advisor John Riley will discuss where both Congress and the Office are in their modernization efforts, and what it means for you.

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Art + Law: Carbondale
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Join Dave in Carbondale for Colorado for Art + Law: Carbondale, a day of workshops and networking for attorneys and the creative community. The morning will consist of a CLE credited workshop, lead by Dave, for attorneys on counseling creatives. This will be followed by a CAFTA information session and a networking lunch for all. In the afternoon, Dave will also lead a workshop for the creative community on navigating legal issues followed by a mixer open to everyone attending the event. We hope to see you there! 

Sponsored by: Colorado Attorneys for the Arts

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Art + Law: Steamboat Springs
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A unique day of workshops designed for attorneys, creatives and arts organizations!

Join Dave Ratner of Creative Law Network and Zach Warkentin of Warkentin LLC for workshops on connecting with Colorado’s arts industry, intellectual property law and business questions for creatives.

Sponsored by: Colorado Attorneys for the Arts  

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Jim Milmoe Talks Books at DU

For fans of photography, history, and literature, famed Colorado photographer Jim Milmoe will cover all three at the University of Denver event: Milmoe Photography Collection! As part of the University Libraries Collector's Talk Series, Jim will discuss the unique collection of photography books he has generously donated to the DU library.

The night will include a wine and cheese reception, followed by Jim's talk and a Q&A to cap off the event. Guests will have the opportunity to hear the stories behind each book, why Jim bought them and how each one affected his outlook as a photographic artist. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind event!

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Cherry Creek Arts Festival '18

It's here again, the Cherry Creek Art Festival! Hosted in Denver’s Cherry Creek North District, the renowned festival is a FREE three-day celebration of art and artists.

On July 6, 7 and 8, festival-goers will have the chance to see exhibited art of all kinds, including paintings, jewelry, ceramics, photography, digital art and more! The festival will also feature educational activities for people of all ages on "Artivity Avenue", and even live performances! 

The Cherry Creek Arts Festival embodies CherryArts's mission to support art and provide access to unforgettable art experiences. Find out more about how you can experience this one-of-a-kind art festival!

Creative Law Network is a proud supporter of the Cherry Creek Art Festival.

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Dave Ratner at: A Cacophony of Creatives!

Next Wednesday, local creatives get ready for the 2nd Annual A Cacophony of Creatives! We are proud to have Dave Ratner as the guest speaker for this special event! A Cacophony of Creatives is not only a meet and greet where attendees can network with creatives of all kinds, but an informational exchange. Dave will lead a discussion that will cover copyright law, intellectual property rights, music licensing and more!

Thanks to CBCA Colorado Attorneys for the Arts and Greeley Creative District, A Cacophony of Creatives is an informative and fun event for everyone to enjoy!

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Art Project to Make Denver a 'Happy City'

A comforting hand can be just the support you need when you're feeling down, but when an entire city is feeling down, why should the remedy be any different? That's the question that British artist Stuart Semple asks with Happy City: Art for the People.

The artistic "intervention" is a city-wide project with the goal of uplifting spirits and comforting against the stresses and detractors in every-day life. Semple, known for his odd projects, such as creating a huge bounce cloud in Australia and shooting smiley face bubble-clouds ("Happy Clouds") through the sky, Semple's goal is to shake people out of the every day with silly installations that create real connections. 

Starting May 18 until late June and with the help of local and international artists, Denver will experience his creativity first-hand with: Jump (Bring Us Together) a block-sized dance party on an inflatable bed, Emotional Baggage Drop (hello stranger) an installation where strangers can confidentially open up to each other, a special release of Happy Clouds at Red Rocks during a live Colorado Symphony performance of Rachmaninov's Conerto No. 2, and many many more.

Be on the lookout for all the exciting installations within the next month! For more information click: here!

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Colorado Creative Industry Grants

All people in the creative industry, from young musicians to DIY non-profits need support. Luckily, Colorado Creative Industry and sponsors, Bohemian Foundations and Illegal Pete's, know this well. While there are numerous hurdles that creative individuals face, CCI aims to lend a helping hand with two grants: the Career Advancement Grant and Colorado Creates Grant.

The Career Advancement Grant is a special award for Colorado entrepreneurs and artists. The grant will match funds up to $2,500 with the goal of providing real changes, such as an increase in development, outreach and equipment for applicable creative artists and businesses. The deadline to apply is June 1st.

The Colorado Creates Grant applies to organizations and communities. It has the focus of awarding funds for the creation of activities that will impact the community by championing culture and the arts! The deadline to apply for this grant is June 7th.

Find out more about these two important grants and your eligibility here:

Career Advancement Grant and Colorado Creates Grant.

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CBCA Presents: Arts + Technology

Colorado Business Committee for the Arts, in partnership with the College of Arts and Media at UCD is presenting a new series aimed at young musicians and tech heads alike!

The inaugural Arts + Technology Forum will bring together professional business owners, professors and students for a session that will explore the many ways in which technology interacts with the arts. Appropriately, guest speakers will include Venka Purushothaman, Provost at LaSalle University and distinguished arts and cultural manager, and David Levin, co-founder of business communication company Four Winds Interactive.

Music and technology interact in many exciting ways. With this informative event, you can learn just how strongly they affect each other in the modern world.

Find out about pricing and register: here!

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RiNo's Brand New Venue: The Mission Ballroom

Attention all musicians and music lovers! Just this week, AEG Presents Rocky Mountains made a huge announcement that they would be developing a brand new, 60,000-square-foot, 4,000-cap ballroom venue: The Mission Ballroom, set to open in 2019 in north RiNo! While this exciting news may come as a surprise to many, the project has been in the works for about 11 years.

AEG has been hard at work to develop a new state-of-the-art venue to Colorado, and they believe that with it's flexible capacity, sight-lines, and Red Rocks-inspired seating structure, The Mission Ballroom will bring Colorado a cutting edge live music experience! The Mission is just one part of a larger planned effort to transform North Wynkoop into a new entertainment hub, with restaurants, bars, and retail services to come.

Check out more info: here!

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