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Dave Teaches Art+Law in Fort Collins


Although their professions differ, artists and attorneys come together in their mutual appreciation and desire to safeguard art. In this spirit, Colorado Attorneys for the Arts along with Colorado Creative Industries present Art+Law in Fort Collins. This full day event features workshop discussions for both legal and creative business professionals. This will include You Can Help Artists, Too! a discussion covering the nuances of counseling creatives, an Interactive Networking Lunch and Intellectual Property and Legal Issues for Creatives a special workshop featuring our own Dave Ratner!

The discussion will be two workshops in one, addressing the topics of Intellectual Property Law and common legal issues for creatives. Along with Fort Collins Patent Attorney Nicole Ressue, this workshop will be an informative and important event for attorneys and creatives alike. Art+Law: Fort Collins is a single full-day event on April 13, 2018 at the Carnegie Center for Creativity in Fort Collins.

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Dave Ratner