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Colorado Creative Industry Grants


All people in the creative industry, from young musicians to DIY non-profits need support. Luckily, Colorado Creative Industry and sponsors, Bohemian Foundations and Illegal Pete's, know this well. While there are numerous hurdles that creative individuals face, CCI aims to lend a helping hand with two grants: the Career Advancement Grant and Colorado Creates Grant.

The Career Advancement Grant is a special award for Colorado entrepreneurs and artists. The grant will match funds up to $2,500 with the goal of providing real changes, such as an increase in development, outreach and equipment for applicable creative artists and businesses. The deadline to apply is June 1st.

The Colorado Creates Grant applies to organizations and communities. It has the focus of awarding funds for the creation of activities that will impact the community by championing culture and the arts! The deadline to apply for this grant is June 7th.

Find out more about these two important grants and your eligibility here:

Career Advancement Grant and Colorado Creates Grant.

Dave Ratner