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Exploring Intellectual Property Laws in Colorado

At Creative Law Network, we know how challenging it can be to create and develop intellectual property. This is why it is important to protect your intellectual property, both while it is being developed and when it is finished. For this reason, Creative Law Network focuses on leveraging the intellectual property laws in Colorado to protect our clients’ intellectual property so they can own, sell, and license their intellectual property without worry.

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property refers to creations of the mind—that is, property that cannot be physically touched but which can be sold, owned, and licensed. This legal concept applies to works that result from creative processes including inventions, designs, and works of a musical, artistic, literary or scientific nature. These works are those to which an individual has rights and for which that individual may apply for patent, copyright, or trademark protection. If handled properly, the owners of intellectual property may be granted exclusive rights to their intellectual assets. At Creative Law Network, we are devoted to utilizing the intellectual property laws in Colorado to recognize and protect your valuable intellectual property.

When were Intellectual Property Laws established?

The concept of the intellectual property, which forms the basis of our intellectual property laws in Colorado, predates modern times. The term “intellectual property” dates back to at least 1867 when the constitution of the North German Confederation initially granted legislative power to the protection of intellectual property. Furthermore, the concept of intellectual property greatly predates the modern terminology. For instance, copyright protection is included in the Constitution of the United States and the history of the patent dates back to the Royal Grants of Queen Elizabeth the First in 1558.

What are Intellectual Property Laws?

Intellectual property laws, including our intellectual property laws in Colorado, fall into multiple separate and distinct categories including patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Patents grant the rights to make, use, sell, and import an invention for a limited time in exchange for public disclosure of that invention. In contrast, copyrights give a creator the exclusive rights creative works such as literary, musical and dramatic works. Copyright protection is granted for a limited lime and does not protect ideas but rather the form or manner in which they are expressed. Lastly, trademark describes a recognizable name, design, or expression that identifies the source of a particular product or service. Each form of intellectual property law covers significantly different components and specifications of the Intellectual property it is designed to protect. While these distinctions can be complicated, at Creative Law Network we ensure the intellectual property laws in Colorado provide our clients with the appropriate legal coverage for their needs.

At Creative Law Network, we work hard to protect our clients’ intellectual property rights and, through our expertise in the intellectual property laws of Colorado, we can even help our clients to leverage those rights in order to attain the greatest possible benefit to their creative pursuits. We work hard to ensure intellectual property receives the specialized protection it deserves.

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