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The Internet has become one of our main sources of distribution and recognition.  Files and creative works have largely changed from paper format to electronic format.  Leisure online time has similarly transformed.  In just four short years, the Internet had 50 million users.  It took radio 38 years to reach this same number.  Most people use the Internet as their source for music, movies, videos, and general information.  “Sharing”, “Liking” and “Tweeting” photographs and videos are a common part of using the World Wide Web.  Many people do not realize that this simple action may be illegal.  Our copyright attorney in Denver can inform you of your rights to your creative works and advise you on the best ways to protect them.

As an artist, musician, photographer or journalist, you want to maintain and protect the rights to your work.  Unfortunately, the Internet makes it very easy for others to violate your copyrights.  For example, while photographs are easy to watermark with today’s computer programs it is just as easy for somebody else to remove that identifying feature.  A single image can be passed around the world within minutes.  In that same amount of time you will lose control and credit for your work.  Avoiding digital circulation is difficult but having protection from copyright infringement is not.  Our experienced copyright attorney in Denver has worked with many clients helping them protect their work from those who may illegally distribute it.

If you do not want to pay to protect your work or believe that your work is not valuable enough to protect, you should reconsider.  That one photograph may be taken by someone else and used on an expensive website or to market someone else’s company. The money that you deserve will wrongfully go  to the person who stole and claimed your work as their own.  Yes, copyrighting does cost money, but not a lot compared what you can lose by not protecting your work.  Contacting a copyright attorney in Denver may save you years of regret and make you lots of money.

Let’s look at the facts. Flickr averages 3000 image uploads per minute.  Facebook shares 70 billion pieces of content each month. YouTube averages 92 million page views each month.  These are staggering numbers.  Consider how much of that material was copyrighted and how much of it was downloaded, shared or saved without consent from the owner.   How many of these photographs, songs and writings were uploaded without proper rights?  It is also worth noting that there are individual website rules governing what happens to your content after it is uploaded to a site.  You must be aware of these rules in order to protect – and profit from – your work.

Creative Law Network is experienced and knowledgeable about copyright law and how to protect you from copyright infringement.  We have years of experience dealing with the U.S. Copyright Office.  Our goal is to help you protect your copyrights and your work.  Contact us for a free consultation about how we can help.

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